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Do you want to increase your sales and maximize your profits?

Thanks to our advertising services you can highlight your commercial offers, the presentation of your company and promote your products and services.

You can modify your publication at any time on a recurring or ad hoc basis.

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Your ads on!

Your ads on!

Become the anchor tenant of a premier marketing location.

Publish your advertisements with a direct link on your website, online store, promotional operation or to sublet the location at the price of your choice to your customers.

Choose a prime location and showcase your business, customers or business operations. 

Homepage placements have a high viewability rating with a limit of 10 advertisers for all available inserts.

We limit the number of advertisers in order to maximize the visibility rate and allow the main tenant to make the profit a case of subletting.

- You can choose multiple ad placements in this store.

- You can also choose the countries in which your ad should appear. 

- The format of your advertising visual for the home page must be 416px wide and 234px high for the product pages.

- The format of your advertising visual for the Home page must be 240px wide and 480px high.

- If you want to broadcast for you, just send us your visuals in the dimensions indicated above. The price is monthly and without commitment of duration.

- If you sublet the site, you must use the contractual identifier which will be sent to you 72 hours (working days) after your subscription. The rate is monthly with a commitment of 12 months per contract.

We remain at your disposal to answer all your questions via the "contact" page.

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