Take advantage of our platforms to distribute your advertisements and promotional offers!

Welmarketing offers you the opportunity to interact with new customers.

We rent out the advertising spaces of the MWi platforms.

The pages offered are limited between 10 and 50 advertisements maximum!

With our services maximize your marketing impact on high traffic platforms. You can be the main tenant of the location and sublet it at the rate you want your customers.

Each page has a different visibility rate which impacts the rental price according to your choices.

  • Display of your advertisements

    Enjoy exceptional visibility.

    The visibility of your ads on our platforms is significantly higher than that of our competitors and at an exceptional price!

  • Limited pitches

    To allow tenants of the advertising space to make long-term profits, we have limited the available spaces.

  • Ads display page

    You can display your advertisement on the page of your choice and within the limits of available places: 50 advertisements per page for 3 pages available (Home/Research/Detail)

  • Would you like to sublet the advertising space?

    We allow subletting!

    You can sublet the location to your customers and at the rates of your choice (subject to a 12-month commitment).

  • Free edit!

    You can at any time send us your new advertisement to broadcast. You can change advertising with each promotional operation you do.

  • Choose the language and country where your ad will be broadcast

    You have the possibility to choose the language and the countries in which you wish to display your advertising in order to best target your customers.